Frequently asked questions

Can I modify my plan?
Yes, we take time and care to make a plan that fits you and your family perfectly.

How long does it take to build a house?
About 5 months (from start of excavation to the end of the finishing). Note: you must allocate at least three months time to create a personalized plan before starting the construction.

What is the earliest you can get started with construction?
The best is at the end of May when heavy truck restrictions are removed from the roads

Can someone visit my lot before making the plan?
A plan should never be made without the designer knowing the land. A site visit is a must and allows the designer to understand how the land will affect the plan (i.e. orientation to the sun, the view, slope, neighbouring architecture). Also, a site visit by a builder is required to properly estimate the cost of the project.

Why choose Maisons Roco?
Because we have been in business since 1988 and have built over 150 homes and have an above average level of customer satisfaction. We have a reputation for being pleasant to work with and having high standards.

When should I start the process?
For a Spring start, we recommend starting the planning process at least the autumn before. Note: if you want to start construction in the spring, the soil tests (needed to obtain the permit) will have to be done in the fall before the ground freezes Most clients find they need a few months to design their plan.

What are the first steps?
The very first step is defining what you like. Browsing housing magazines will give you ideas. Clipping out images of homes you like and assembling them in a folder is very useful. The Viceroy catalogue can serve as a good resource. Listing what you like and dislike in your present home is also very good. The next step is to bring this information to your designer/builder to put into more concrete form.

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